Anglia Farmers

A high performing company website for Anglia Farmers aimed at converting visitors to members.

We recently designed and built a new fully functioning and responsive website for Anglia Farmers. It was a priority for Anglia Farmers that their new website be easy to use and navigate for their visitors. It was also important that their well established brand be consistent in the design of the site. The site was designed and built for the purpose of achieving conversions, in the form of increasing new members.

In the agriculture sector there is often a lot of information to get across and making this information easily accessible and digestible for users is paramount. The content has been carefully considered and everything had to be optimised to ensure a high ranking in the search engines, as well as delivering a good quality user experience (UX).

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  • Hosting & Maintenance
Launch site
Anglia Farmers


Blogs can be a useful tool both in terms of generating clients and to provide additional value for existing members

Anglia farmers have many members who look to them for useful advice. They can use their blog as a line of communication to get relevant information to their existing members and to reach out to potential members who are not yet signed up. Having an up to date blog is a great way to rise in the search engines. Content that has specific and relevant information allows businesses to be found by users that are more interested and likely to convert.

Faster and fully responsive

Bringing their site up to speed

Ensuring that Anglia Farmer's site is fully responsive and works across all browsers ensures that both a farmer in a field or purchasing manager in an office has access to their information quickly and can have a positive user experience (UX). Negative user experience will often result in loss of business and lower ROI.

Contact page

Contact pages are often one of the most important pages to businesses. Ensuring that however their clients and potential customers can easily reach Af was a key requirement. Enquiries are submitted into their internal system to ensure they are dealt with quickly and efficiently while storing their information in a gdpr compliant way.

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The collaborative working style and undisputed industry knowledge of neooptic has enabled us to craft a website that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to manage. Translating our business objectives into a clean, powerful and engaging website has helped deliver measurable growth whilst supporting AF as it evolves from analogue to digital. I would highly recommend Kris and his team.
Tom Carter, AF Group Marketing Manager

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