Hosting and Maintenance

Our exceptional hosting and maintenance services keeps your website running safely and securely.

The security, speed and stability of our client’s websites has always been extremely
important to neo optic, as without backend fundamentals in place front end design
will never have its desired impact.

Our dedicated servers are based in central London’s largest and most advanced data centre and are incredibly powerful and secure. For example, for your website to fail, six separate power supplies would have to all go down at once.
Unlike a lot of companies, we don’t host your site on a shared server. Just as a small crowd results in ease of movement, this means that the speed of your website won’t be affected by heavy traffic. Overall, the service uptime of websites hosted by us stands at 99.99%.

Additionally, to keep your website and its content secure, we’ve invested significantly in cutting edge firewall hardware and software.

With neo optic’s hosting and maintenance services you can feel secure that your website, an asset you’ve invested in, will remain valuable at all times.

When your website runs into problems, it can bring your business to halt. For effective web hosting it is always better to use a company able to provide long-term, expert support as opposed to having to fall back on an ad hoc quick fix.

neo optic’s network specialists monitor hosted sites around the clock, with someone always on hand to resolve any unexpected issues.

our warranty

For websites we’ve built or upgraded, we offer a warranty as standard where any bug or maintenance issue which arises for a period after the build is finished will be rectified by us free of charge. We also offer optional bespoke support contracts to all our clients for extra peace of mind.