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We believe in supporting local businesses, online and offline

At neo optic we understand how your website can either drastically help or hurt your business. We aim to provide clients of all shapes and sizes with top tier websites built to achieve your goals.

How important is a website to local business?

We know as an agency we should say very, but if we are being honest with you it completely depends on your business. For some businesses there is a lot we can advise you to do online that will make a huge difference to your business before you even consider having a website built.

The approach is so different on a case by case basis. That said there are some useful things that any local business considering investing in a professional website should do and ways to make sure your agency is giving you value for money.

What can we do for your business? Things to consider

We have a wealth of experience of achieving great results for a wide range of businesses and organisations. We have refinined our approach and processes over decades and we have learned that what really matters to our clients is the return on investment.

Your website should be working for you and bringing in the business you need. If you are a local restaurant or tradesman you don't need to be spending out on campaigns that reach out to millions of people in areas you don't service.

What you need is for the right information to get to the right people. Consider what you hope to achieve and make sure the website and services you get are responding to this.

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