High standard of web design and easy to use systems that are rated outstanding and can make an incredible difference to a school or childcare provider.

We have a proven track record of delivering schools and childcare providers websites which ofsted have ranked outstanding.

A lot of school websites are built as a brochure site which also have the ability to comply with, and make public, the many policies and procedures that the school is obliged to follow. School websites should be an important resource that the school has it's fingertips. As well as an accesibile line of communication with parents and pupils. In order to keep the website current and fulfilling these functions properly it is vital that it be incredibly easy and convenient to keep content up to date. Too often school websites create extra work for schools instead of lightening the load. When building a website for a school or childcare provider we take into account what problems we can solve both for the school and for the parents.

We aim to build custom systems that will improve efficiency, saving schools and parents time and money.
After we had built several websites for schools it came to our attention that this sort of work was so well received and that our work was of a much higher standard then is commonly found within this sector. Our Team enjoyed doing the work and we decided to develop something that would make an even bigger impact. When it comes to building outstanding websites and systems for Schools and childcare providers there is so much to consider. For example we understand just how important it is for schools and childcare providers to have a system that can handle sensitive data efficiently and securely. We know how vital it is to have a good quality admin system and what a huge difference it can make to a school.
We understand that schools often have their systems built by service providers who expect the work and as a result become complacent. We have decades of experience building systems which can run companies and not for profit organizations and we like to think we've gotten to be very good at it. Everything we build is designed from scratch with a view to solving problems for the client. We feel strongly that the only way to do this is to listen first and really take the time to understand how the client operates. Then we get to work building a system that will massively improve productivity.

The functions that your system is able to fulfill are limited only by what you as the client require, and suggestions as to what they might be are too many to mention. A custom system would be built to maximise productivity in areas that are most beneficial. Most schools are having to use multiple providers annually such as Sims Agora, and Staff Attendance Management (SAM) to fulfill different functions. This is very ineffective in terms of cost and time. Our systems are able to provide all the functionality that you require in one place and communicate effortlessly with other systems that need to access this information.

Some of our clients who work with young people and in the education sector

Don't just take our
word for it
neo optic developed and built our database / record-keeping system. This is clear, reliable and able to be changed over time. They also built our online forum for children and young people to share their memories and feelings after a bereavement. The comments from the children who use it are very positive and it is an important part of the support we offer. Thanks for the great work!
Adam White, Nelsons Journey