Logo Design

Your logo is an asset employed across all the channels you use to make your products or services visible.

The importance of a brand logo that has been properly thought out, designed and implemented cannot be overstated. It’s something you’ll use in almost all of your marketing materials, and so will be a key part of your organisation achieving its goals.

An instantly recognisable logo boosts brand awareness and symbolises what you do, keeping you on the radar of potential and existing customers, partners or users. Unlike other aspects of your business, such as your website or marketing strategy, getting a logo right can be a one-off campaign that doesn’t require further investment or maintenance, with successfully designed logos continuing to be visible for many years.

neo optic’s design team have delivered creative, stand-out logo designs for a wide variety of clients. As with all of our services, we aim to deliver something that helps you succeed, and while the right logo is often more of an afterthought for some, we see it as a key part of any marketing strategy, especially one with increasing online visibility as its aim.
Logo design goes hand-in-hand with several other aspects of your business. To be truly effective, your logo needs to reflect a strong, coherent brand, and be used effectively across your website, social media and marketing materials. This means that logo design is often integrated with site rebuilds and digital marketing campaigns.

neo optic provide a full range of web design, branding and digital marketing services to facilitate this integration. Even if your site or brand doesn’t need a full revamp, we are able to update your online materials to include any new logos that we design.

Already have a logo?

Our services can also be tailored to the needs of your company.

So if you already happen to have a logo that is reflective of your unique corporate identity, we won’t pressure you into changing for the sake of it and can work around your logo to deliver the other aspects of your brand, such as your website.