Your brand is who you are. But sometimes it takes help from an experienced third party to make your vision real.

All companies have a brand identity. It’s what your customers see. The net result of your visible presence, both on and offline.

However, many companies, while growing and doing what they do really well, don’t stop to think about their brand in way that is structured, cohesive and designed to increase revenue.

For lots of business owners there isn’t the time or the resources to bring your branding up to the level you’d like to be. Activities that relate to branding are often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list – and who can blame you, when you’ve got an actual service to provide, or product to sell?

For growing businesses success can come in spite of a lack of attention to branding. But eventually, your competitors will catch up. Your corporate identity is an asset that requires investment to become realised.
Often, the best way to do this is to have a group of experienced designers, web developers and digital marketers come in and create imaginative and impactful solutions, while you continue to do what you do best.

Updating your brand can be one of the most cost-effective ways of changing your business operations. An intelligent, fully-realised brand identity, especially when tied in with a comprehensive marketing campaign, brings your identity in line with what you’re offering customers. If one doesn’t keep up with the other, you can become forgettable, and your customers will move on.

neo optic have the experience and expertise to undertake anything from a full brand overhaul to a simple refresh. We want your corporate identity to reflect your values, and be a key part of your continued growth.

Creating a corporate identity spans all aspects of your business. neo optic’s web design, logo design and digital marketing services work together to realise brands across all communications and the platforms from which your company is visible.
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Working with neo optic is always a pleasure, they keep things simple and deliver the perfect end result.
Our new website has delivered on every level and has been very well received by our customers.
Steve Temple, Director
Totally reliable, hard working, always do what they promise and more. Great value for money for such high quality work and excellent at working collaboratively with you to develop and improve your digital real estate. They always seem to do more than you pay them for and have a really healthy balance between process and proactivity.
Mark Harvey
A lot of companies claim to be innovators in their field, but few can actually back up their claims - neo optic have proven themselves time and time again.
Tessa Reynolds, Managing Director