Our Approach

Our approach to business has been honed over two decades in the industry.

We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to achieving our client’s goals.

We’ve long since completed the learning curve that many of our competitors are still on. Many companies will try to make suggestions you’re not looking for in order to prove their expertise. Our priority is listening to what the client wants to achieve and demonstrating our skill through tangible results.

We also understand that design, development and marketing strategies should be built around specific goals. Web services are definitely not a one-size-fits-all affair.

This makes our process adaptable and scalable. Whether you need a small one page site or a complex e-commerce system, we offer bespoke web solutions that correspond to your needs.
With neo optic, you have the benefit of liaising directly with the designer working on your site, saving you valuable time and costs that could otherwise be incurred through miscommunication.
This is made possible by having a relatively small but experienced team, who are available whenever necessary to discuss your project.
At neo optic, we have a history of innovation in the field of web and digital solutions. For example, well over a decade ago, before Google Maps had been introduced as the go-to digital street map and used widely in place of standard directions, we built a fully interactive map for one of our clients to help achieve a unique vision for their website.

We don’t just build you a website and send you on your way. At neo optic, we’re mindful of where your site is going to end up in search results and how visitors are going to feel when using it. For this reason, we’re always keen to offer up-to-date SEO (search engine optimisation) and user experience testing as part of all of our projects.
For websites we’ve built or upgraded, we offer a warranty as standard where any bug or maintenance issue which arises for a period after the build is finished will be rectified by us free of charge. We also offer optional bespoke support contracts to all our clients for extra peace of mind.

We often advise an integrated approach, especially with new website builds, as without a more comprehensive plan in place a new website may not achieve the visibility that the quality of its build and design suggests.

Everything we offer and suggest is something we feel will be of benefit to our clients, and something that ultimately provides a return on their investment. We like to ensure what we create for you is something that both of us can be proud of.

Don't just take our
word for it
neo optic developed and built our database / record-keeping system. This is clear, reliable and able to be changed over time. They also built our online forum for children and young people to share their memories and feelings after a bereavement. The comments from the children who use it are very positive and it is an important part of the support we offer. Thanks for the great work!
Adam White, Nelsons Journey
I have found the neo optic team to be a pleasure to work with … by that I mean I actually look forward to meetings with them! Personally I feel that it is essential to work with people who you enjoy working with, who listen, are responsive, are innovative and get things done, especially on creative projects.
Crispian Emberson