Digital Marketing

Increase your visibility to a customer base that’s now finding what it wants online.

Without an effective digital marketing strategy in place, your website cannot realise its true value. If your website isn’t bringing something to your business or organisation, then your investment in it is wasted.

Digital marketing services from neo optic are designed to increase the amount of traffic arriving at your website, while also increasing the proportion of users that convert. This means that whatever the goals of your business or organisation, your website will become a key part of achieving them.
When you invest in your digital presence through a completely new or refreshed website, you want your investment to provide a return. Without a digital marketing strategy in place for after your website goes live, you run the risk of your website losing its authority as time goes on.

Search engines reward sites updated regularly with content that satisfies its users. In order to make sure this is done, we recommend utilising the knowledge of specialist digital marketers, as it takes more than just good writing or effective visuals to convince a search engine to put your site at or near the top of the results list.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Display Marketing
  6. Search Engine Marketing

SEO services from neo optic

One of the most productive and cost-efficient and ways of attracting users to your site is through search engine optimisation, commonly abbreviated to SEO. SEO is a multifaceted discipline involving changes to code, content, and gaining valuable backlinks to your site, all of which combine to increase the authority of your site in the eyes of a search engine, and therefore its visibility.

PPC, or paid advertising through search engines, is another way of increasing traffic to your site. The methods we suggest are always tailored to your goals: there is no one-size-fits-solution in digital marketing. Each campaign requires careful research and a bespoke strategy.

Social media and other digital marketing tools

It might seem simple enough to use social media as a marketing tool, but very few are capable of getting it right. Without linking to the right content your social media feeds won’t effectively be contributing to the visibility of your website. To turn a social media audience into a customer base, you need to talk to someone with experience and expertise.

The team at neo optic are specialists at integrating social media strategies within wider digital marketing projects, and also offer specialist social media campaigns if required.