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How to optimize your Google my business page in 3 easy steps!

Help more customers find you.
Google my business is another example of the many free resources that google offer to businesses and organisations. The tool is a valuable resource especially for bricks and water businesses that are aiming to get customers through the door. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, if you don’t already have one you can set one up at
google ad results
Google search results appear as shown in the picture beside, the top results are paid ads. This means that the business owner is using pay per click (PPC) ads to drive traffic to their website.
Directly below the search results for google my business pages, and further down there will be organic search results which are boosted through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are the listings which show reviews, phone numbers, opening times and prompt directions.
Many businesses understand the value of ranking well and invest a lot of time and money into SEO and PPC campaigns as well as social media marketing campaigns but often neglect their google my business listing.

It is highly achievable to increase visibility and gain customers via the google my business search results, both through customers getting information from the google my business page a knowledge panel for your business and to gain traffic to your website.

When potential customers are searching for you near by and can access information about your business as well as directions to you without needing to take any additional steps it is certainly an advantage.

Optimizing your Google my Business page is a really effective and easy way to reach potential customers that are searching for products and services you offer.
Here are 3 very fast and easy ways to optimize this page.
  • 1. Information

the more information that you give to google about your business the more it can identify you as relevant to users that are searching for your services and or products. Google may be aware that you are a restaurant but does google know that you cater to families or vegans? Does it know your price range, whether you offer parking? Filling in as much relevant information as possible means that you will appear more often in searches and google will be able to associate you with various searches that your potential customers are likely to be looking for. This information should be accessible to google and regularly updated e.g. if you offer services make sure you update these regularly and that all services are included.

  • 2. Photos and Posts

Google responds to activity on your google my business page and it knows that users interact more with pictures and posts within the knowledge panel. Regularly posting with news of what you are doing, menu changes, achievements, activity etc, is highly beneficial to optimizing your google my business page. As far as photos go, google will recommend what similar businesses are doing and how many photos you should have. This varies based on how relevant photos are to your business but it is safe to say that if you have a reasonable amount of images and update them from time to time there will be an increase in visibility through your google my business page.

  • 3. Reviews

This is arguably the most beneficial thing you can do and yet the majority of businesses struggle to maximise the positive impact reviews can have. It can be incredibly advantageous to encourage your customers to leave reviews. There are many ways to go about this, you could simply suggest that you would appreciate it or perhaps even offer discounts in exchange for reviews. Whatever way you choose to encourage your customers its always worth asking. Many of your customers would be more than happy to leave a review but they may just not think to do so if you don’t ask them.

12, December 2018