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Don’t sell to strangers! (they don’t like it)

How to sell using digital marketing, Social media marketing tips and tricks.

Good morning, you pretty little social media marketers you! This morning’s social media marketing tip is so simple and effective but is often overlooked. One of the most common mistakes in a social media marketing campaign is people trying to sell to strangers. Of course, there is a time and a place for this for example if your one of those highly attractive charity fundraisers that stand in the high street ignore all of this but on social media it’s much better to go a different route.
Don’t misunderstand what I’m telling you, sales and conversions are great and if everything you are doing isn’t aimed at achieving conversions then why are you doing it? I’m just saying sell to people that know who you are. Sell to people that are interested. Don’t waste your time trying to tell everyone and their dog how great your product/service is focus on getting the information to the people who need it, want it, will benefit from it. These are relevant people to sell to.
We’ve all had that ever so persistent sales person, pitching us before they’ve even said hello and nine times out of ten all we are thinking is how to escape the situation. Alternatively, when a person is someone we know and trust we will listen. The message, product, service or information may be exactly the same, but the way it is presented makes all the difference. People don’t mind being sold to if they understand and feel that what they are being sold is something that will benefit them. But unless they know who you are even people who would be perfect fit for you may not take the time to find out.
So, this makes sense but what can you do if everyone on social media is a stranger, your friends are not your customers. Of course they are strangers, before you can sell to them you need to introduce yourself! Use your social media as the valuable tool it is to connect, interact and nurture relationships with your customers. People buy from people. If they like and trust you and if what you are selling is relevant to them, then these are the people you want to sell to.
Engagement and quality content may seem like silly things that don’t get fast likes but many a time that post you see with a thousand likes achieved no conversion, whereas the one with 32 quality likes may have achieved 5 or 6 conversions. When it comes to social media marketing quality most certainly trumps quantity any day of the week.
Let people know who you are as a business, what you are about and where its relevant what you are up to. Talk to people, engage with posts and feeds relevant to your subject matter and to your customers. It may take time but being proactive in this way the followers and engagement you generate will be people that are genuinely interested in your product or service.

This is where you need to focus on knowing your audience. Instead of selling to these people, engage them.
Offer content that is relevant to your audience and ideally to your product or service. If you are selling gardening tools offer some useful advice on gardening. If you are selling accounting services why not share some information on how best to handle taxes and if you are selling pizza send me a direct message.

28, November 2018, Gabrielle O'Donoghue