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Top 3 positions for Virgin Wines for the term 'Wine Club'

When you consider that search engines drive more than half of online purchases in the UK, you'll understand the potential significance of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) to your business.

At neo optic, we know how to maximise your website's profile for increased visibility and increased sales. Our tactics are ethical, scaleable and proven to work.

Our methods

White Hat SEO

If you've dipped your toes into the world of SEO, you may have heard the terms White and Black Hat.

These come from Western movies, where the heroes tended to wear white hats, and the villains - well, black. In terms of SEO, companies that use white hat techniques are those that focus on content, great design and above the board online marketing. Black hatters on the other hand create spam, set up botnets, hack websites and generally make the internet a less pleasant place to be.

If you look over to the right, you’ll see some of our SEO clients. Not surprisingly they all have good things to say.

We’ve got them to the top of the search engines, and kept them there. Ethically.

Working WITH the search engines

White Hat SEO - or subliminal Republican propaganda?

Nowadays, Google and the other main players invest billions annually in making sure their search engines are the best they can be.

Their algorithm (the code that makes the search engine work and decides in which order to present the results) is being constantly tweaked. This is to not only make the search engine results more relevant, but also to make SEO company's life more difficult.

'Loop holes' are often discovered in the algorithm, and some 'black hat' companies then jump on this to exploit them. This can lead to some very impressive short term gains.

But as soon as one of Google's team catches wind of this 'back door' they close it. HARD.

If that means your hard won and costly 1st page position is then replaced with a less than useful position on the 10th page (or kicked out the results altogether) that's going to hurt your business.

We don't use back doors, loop holes or anything else. We work with the search engines in an ethical and sustainable way. Your rankings will be yours to keep.

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