A forum for Nelson's Journey

We're very pleased to have worked with Nelson's Journey to create a bespoke forum for their users to discuss their experiences, issues and feelings.

We're delighted to hear its already being used and the feedback is great!


Proud to support Nelson's Journey - with a CRM from the top drawer

Working with the team at Nelson's Journey over the past 18 months, we are very proud to announce they are now using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool we have tailor-made for them.

They are obviously delighted in the system, and what it will do for the charity in the future:-

Our lovely friends at Neo Optic have been slaving away for well over a year getting our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system ready for us to use. The system has been wanted for over 6 years by us, to save on administrative time and to have all the information staff need in one secure, central place and to be able to update the system both in and out of the office.

All of this saves time, money and allows the support workers to spend as much time as possible working directly supporting the children and young people. We have also saved a nhuge amount of money on the system thanks to Neo Optic giving us over £25,000 worth of work, free-of-charge, on the project.

Kristian Phillips, Founder of Neo Optic told us “We have worked with Nelson’s Journey for many years and truly believe in the cause. We are proud to have supported Nelson’s Journey by giving up our time to build the new CRM system, and it has been very rewarding in seeing the project come together.

We strongly believe that this new system will save the team at Nelson’s Journey a great deal of admin time on a daily basis, which means they can spend more time supporting the bereaved children and young people that they work with.”

Without Neo Optic’s generous gift of time and resource, we would not have been able to build as comprehensive a system as we wanted. The amount of money that they have saved us is incredible, we were shocked when they told us and so grateful for their continued support!

We hope the CRM will mean that all our staff can spend less time on admin and more time helping the bereaved children and young people that we are here to support! Thank you Neo Optic!


Serco - Live!

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Serco website for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Please check out their website now its live at


Working with Serco

We've very pleased to have been commissioned to create a website for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital catering venues.

Working closely with the catering team from Serco we are creating a cutting edge database driven responsive website with all the bells and whistles.

Watch this space for a launch date.


Nelsons Journey - new Young Peoples Forum

We've delighted to have been selected to build a Young People's forum for the local Norwich Charity Nelson's Journey.

The forum will be launching in the new few months and allow young bereaved people to chat amongst themselves and share their experiences and issues in a secure moderated environment.

Watch this space for news on a launch date!


Norfolk Heart Trust

We're delighted that our latest website has gone live - for the incredibly worthwhile charity the Norfolk Heart Trust.

Fully content managed and responsive to work on all platforms, we're delighted how the site has turned out and so are the NHT!

It's great to be able to help charities, and especially a local charity doing such a good job for people in and around Norfolk.

As a local charity, every pound you give to the Norfolk Heart Trust goes towards new equipment or training for the fight against cardiac disease.

Visit the Norfolk Heart Trust website.


Spring Farm Systems

Working closely with Young Farmer of the Year Tom Wright, we are pleased to launch Spring Farm Systems first website. Fully CMS driven with a responsive front end, Tom is delighted with the result.

View the website.


New site launch – Falcon Crane Hire

We’ve just launched a fantastic new website for Falcon Crane Hire! This firm specialises in the hire and sale of tower cranes, and supplies them to sites across the UK and the world. Falcon Crane Hire has an enviable reputation for providing expertise, solid reliability and quality service to its clients. Check out the new site here.


New site launch - Norfolk Production!

Norfolk Production provides production management services to companies looking to use Norfolk's miles of unspoilt coastline and picturesque villages for a variety of media shoots. Take a look at their new site here!


New site launch - Cielo!

Cielo are an up-and-coming band based in Norwich, Norfolk. Check out their site here!


New site launch - Jessica Diggins!

We're pleased to announce the launch of, another fantastic neo optic project. Jessica is a violin teacher based in Norwich, Norfolk and has fantastic experience and glowing references. We built her site from an existing design, adding a bit of Javascript magic here and there!


New site - DSL!

We've just sent live. We've really enjoyed working with with the DSL team on this, and we're really happy with the results.


Business card inspiration

Check out our 'cool' new business cards, featured on ''.

If you fancy some equally swanky cards designed and printed, please get in touch.

Business card inspiration


Thanks from Nelson’s Journey

This Christmas we got a heart warming message from Nelson’s Journey, a charity that neo optic did some free web design work for last year.

The charities chief executive officer, Colin Lang, got in touch with us to say "a big thank you for all your support in 2012. It is very much appreciated. NJ has moved forward so much in 2012 and hopefully 2013 will be just as productive."

Nelson’s Journey does great work providing support services to bereaved children. We wish them a very good new year.


New site launch - Grainseed!

The brand new website for Grainseed Ltd is now online thanks to the work of our web designers and copywriters. The new website contains a wealth of information about the different varieties of oilseed rape, gamecover and forage maize crops Grainseed has to offer, as well as information about best environments to grow them in. We’re looking forward to seeing what Grainseed do next.


New site launch - The Banningham Crown!

The Banningham Crown is a traditional 17th century timbered inn in rural Norfolk. We're really happy with how the site looks, and so is the client!


New site launch - Fibrewave!

Fibrewave specialise in bringing high speed, reliable broadband connections to areas that are inadequately served by BT or Virgin Media. This another great project from neo optic!


New site launch - Byron's Management!

Byron's is a well established agency that represents actors across theatre, film, television and commercials. We're very pleased with their new site!


New client - Wine Deal Finder!

We're now working with the rather brilliant Wine Deal Finder, which hunts down all the best wine deals from across the internet. Cheers!


Official Sponsor of Norwich Fringe Festival 2011

We're extremely proud again to be supporting Norwich Fringe Festival this year.

It's a non-profit 2 weeks of alternative arts throughout Norwich.

In their own words:

The Norwich Fringe Festival aims to bring together all the most exciting arts practitioners in the city. It will run as an independent intelligent entity under and around and outside the Norfolk and Norwich Festival you were expecting. It will take place in unanticipated corners, incomprehensible alleys, subways and obscure arts venues and will feature incredible spectacles, fascinating innovation and surprising levels of intimacy, and all within walking distance of the Norwich you think you know.

Totally unfunded, so all donations welcome!


Neooptic to work with Josef Seibel

We're pleased to announce that we'll be working with Josef Seibel on forthcoming web projects (we'll update here with more details).

As a major European shoe manufacturer, this represents another high profile client for Neooptic as we continue to cement our reputation as a leading digital agency.


New site launch – Norwich Fringe Festival

The Norwich Fringe Festival has been running for eight years now, and it's built up a healthy reputation as one of the finest non-profit festivals around.

We're an official sponsor of the Fringe and after the success of the May event, we've revamped their website to help them raise their profile even further for 2011.


New site launch –!

We've had great fun working with Gemma on the launch of

A great way to get kids involved in music, the ukulele is the ideal starter instrument and Gemma's one of the best teachers around.


New site launch – Silvestri Studios!

Silvestri Studios is a brand new photography studio based in Norwich, Norfolk. We've designed their new website and will be carrying out SEO work for them over the coming months. You can find out more about them here.


New site launch - Melt Chocolates!

Melt Chocolates, one of the UK's leading producers of luxury chocolates, recently asked us to design their new website. It's live now and you can see it at

(Yes, we have tasted the chocolates, and they're every bit as good as they look!)


New site launch – AF Affinity!

We're pleased to welcome Anglia Farmers, a market leader in agricultural purchasing, as a new client. As part of our work with them, we've launched a new site for their subsidiary AF Affinity, a buying service for smallholdings and rural businesses.


New site launch – Pitchford Estate!

The thousand acre Pitchford Estate is home to Windy Mundy Farm and Stockbatch Granary, two stunning barn conversions available as holiday accommodation. We've built Pitchford a new website that we think does justice to these amazing properties. You can take a closer look at


New site launch – White Lion Hotel!

Our Norwich web design team has completed another great project for one of our clients, Aldeburgh's White Lion Hotel. Take a look here.


Benefits Insurance: Brand New Site Launch

The team at neo optic have been busily working away at a brand new, consumer focused site for the folks at

Today they are proud to see the fruits of their handiwork go live.

The site has been designed with a clearly defined path for the visitor to follow, with the aim of maximising conversion rates.

Read more here


Anglian Group Site Launch

Anglian Group, which comprises of Anglian Home Improvements, Anglian Building Projects, Anglian Financial Services and SGO Glass Designs, approached neo optic with a brief for a site which showcases each of these companies on a centralised site.

Delivered on time and to budget, neo optic are proud to announce the launch of the, which you can visit here.


vTravelled Goes Live (With neo optic already on-board...)

A part of Virgin Atlantic’s 25TH birthday celebrations Sir Richard Branson took Kate Moss for a dance on the wing of a 747-400, recreated the very first Virgin Atlantic flight surrounded by VIPs, and spent a cool $2.1 billion on 10 brand new Airbus A330-300 planes.

Sound like an average birthday to you?

To make sure the celebrations continue rolling long after the champagne has finished bubbling, Virgin Atlantic has also marked today out by launching a brand new social travel site, called

The site offers travellers a graphically stunning platform to share stories, photographs, tips and warnings from their travelling experiences the world over.

Prelaunch, neo optic were honoured to be one of a select handful of people with access to the site, access which was granted through their capacity as SEO consultants.

Working closely with the development team, NeoOptic have provided support and ideas for the site’s initial and ongoing SEO.

The shift in people’s travel patterns which has accompanied the falling pound has made this summer the year of the alternative destination, with holiday makers seeking out new beaches and cities to spend their breaks in.

What better time for the launch of this ground breaking addition to the online travel community?


New School

A local independent designer approached us to bring his design to life.

Working from photoshop documents, we quickly created HTML templates for the website’s front end, along with a cutting edge CMS.

On time, and on budget the client is extremely happy with the result.

Take a look.


New for 2009..

..The archway events website is now fully updated and live.

Check it out at!


Shining site for Lakestar

We've been busy over the past couple of weeks on the new Lakestar Media site for a leading Manchester based online marketing company.

Check out the site!


Bargain hunting drinkers - this way please..

We built as a showcase for the very best wine deals and offers across the internet.

Since its launch just 4 weeks ago, its gone from strength to strength with an active facebook group, and huge increases in traffic.


Longbow Capital corporate site now live

Leading London based venture investment company Longbow Capital approached us to build them a brand new website.

They were keen that it allowed them total flexibility and control over all elements of the site.

From new pages and sections, to changing the main navigation, staff pages, and a secure client area - Longbow are now able to change their site at will without additional costs.

On time, and on budget - Longbow and their clients are delighted with their new site.


New UEA Ticketbookings site. Now Live!

We've been working on the new UEA ticket booking site over the past few months.

The site went live on the 3rd of October.

Starting from scratch, the UEA students union needed a more scalable, faster, more advanced site to cope with the vast increase in events and shows.

Videos, blogs, galleries, artist profiles, customer comments and full online credit card processing. The list goes on.

We're listening to all the feecback, so head to the site and let us know what you think!


Now for something completely different..

Never let it be said that here at neo optic we only cater corporate East Anglia.

No indeed, we're just as keen to lend a hand (and build sites) to any company, any size, anywhere.

Check out our princess castle and our sparkly fairies we designed for Enchanted Events.


neo optic launch evening

Days, weeks (months?) of planning later, and our new website launch went off without a hitch.

Turnout was excellent at the Merchants of Colegate, with the great (and the good) folks of Norwich joining us to celebrate our new website launch.

A big thank you to everyone who came, we'll get some more pictures up soon.


New Merchants of Colegate site

When local restaurant the Merchants of Colegate approached us to help them relaunch, we formed a strategy consisting of a fresh logo, new website and SEO campaign.

4 short weeks later, the logo and website are complete, and the SEO is underway.

Watch this space, we're expecting great things in the search engine rankings for this great restaurant!

Read more..


Google Chrome

Whats that you spy on the Google homepage? Chrome Beta!

Chrome is Google's first foray into the web browser development world. Should you be interested? Well in their own words:

* It's built on Webkit, the browser framework used to power Safari and the iPhone.

* It's faster. Smarter implementation of Javascript rendering will make pages more responsive and let your browser do more than one thing at once.

* Smarter memory management. A sophisticated approach to data storage across time and tabs will keep the browser in top shape.

* Crash-free app browsing. Applications will be partitioned in the browser so if one crashes, it won't crash your whole browser.

* Tabs on the top. Instead of tabs being displayed below your address bar, inside the browser - they'll ride on top of each browser window. We'll see what this is like for the user, we do wonder.

* Quick navigation. Your most frequently visited pages will be available in a point and click navigation, like Opera's Quick Dial.

* Gears integration. Google Gears will be integrated throughout the experience for offline use, local storage of information and all kinds of other magic that Gears-heads are working on.

* Open source. The browser appears to be entirely open source, Google says it wants other companies to borrow from it just like it learned from them.

Will it succeed? Google has the money to make it happen, but then again once out of beta testing we'll all have a better idea..


SEO for laithwaites- we'll drink to that!

In January, we started work on an SEO campaign for Laithwaites wine ( - one of the UK's largest leading online wine stores.

Through a combination of technical suggestions for amends to the site, and an agressive link and content building campaign - the results are beginning to speak for themselves!


Microsoft Expand Mobile Ad’s

Microsoft has increased its overall mobile advertisment inventory by adding further display banners to Hotmail and Messenger accounts. The first advertiser to take advantage of these new spaces is Paramount Pictures.

Before this updated Microsoft’s display advertising, which is controlled by Screentonic, was limited to the MSN Mobile homepage. In the near future Microsoft also plans to expand its mobile advertising opportunities around its Live Search service.

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