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How to test your site speed for free

Site speed is incredibly important, it can have a serious impact on your website performance. Search engines take site speed into account regarding the ranking of your website and the cost of your ad campaigns. Having a faster and more responsive website ultimately leads to conversions and therefore, the return on investment (ROI) you will get from your site.
You can test your site speed by visiting you will then be prompted to enter your website address and google will evaluate your site speed. This takes a minute or two at most and once complete google will tell you what your loading time is on 3G as well as the estimated visitor loss due to loading time. If you then scroll down this page you will see how your site speed compares to competitors websites in your industry. Below the industry comparison google will show you how fast your loading time could be. If you click see top fixes you will see some suggestions as to how your site speed could be improved. Some of the most common 'fixes' may include very simple steps such as;

  • Optimise images
  • Renderblocking JS
  • Reduce server response time

    This is particularly useful for businesses who pay agencies to build/manage their websites and want to see a better return. Often there is a lack of understanding as to what agencies are actually doing to optimise your website performance and gain conversions. It is a first step to ensuring you are getting the best possible value out of the service provided. You can then contact your agency and request they carry out the changes suggested by google.
  • 30, June 2018, Gabrielle O'Donoghue