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What Does It Mean to Be Digitally “Disruptive”?

We recently had a job applicant who stated in their covering letter that they admired a “disruptive” attitude to digital design.

Now, we know what the word disruptive can mean. We’ve heard it used in the context of creative work. It seems to be a bit of a buzzword. But how is the term really used, and is it a useful concept for digital marketers and designers to be thinking about?

When did being disruptive begin?
People have always been disruptive. When they’ve a few too many at a social gathering. Or sober at a painful family event. Or sometimes both.

But using the word “disruptive” in a positive sense is a more recent phenomenon. “Disruptive innovation” was first used in the Harvard Business Review in 1995, referring to businesses that didn’t just break the mould but created entirely new technologies and value chains.

Since then the word has crept its way, carrying a positive meaning, into many situations. Inevitably it has been picked up by the creative industries—but while we’re not sure of a lot of the marketing speak we come across nowadays, disruption is the digital space is definitely something we admire.

Companies like Uber and Facebook have completely changed not just our day-to-day lives but the way we now think about creating value.

This handy infographic from a team of designers and marketers lays out some of the ways companies are being disruptive, and five strategies for businesses to consider when thinking about growing and changing their chosen market.

Disruptive web design
We like to think of disruptive strategies when it comes to web design. We do whatever it takes that ends up with the best result according to our clients’ requirements. Using standard tools or a one-size-fits all approach is not something we do.

When it comes to web design and development most individuals or agencies will follow a standard procedure. Usually relying on the most common platforms they use the design tools and language they always have, and just tweak it slightly according to budget and brief.

neo optic always approach projects with a fresh outlook—and we’re lucky enough to have a team skilful and passionate enough to provide unique solutions to client problems.

We love learning about the cutting edge of current design work, but we’re also always looking to future, and most importantly exactly what it is that ensure what we make for our client is a success.

For more information on neo optic web design and digital services, you can browse our services page, or contact us today to talk about your project.

14, December 2018