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Whether you're a small business, freelancer or you've got a great idea you'd to get up off the ground, the chances are that you're pretty pushed for time. So, after you've gone to all the expensive of building a fantastic website, is it worth the extra effort to set up a Facebook business page for your product or services?

The answer is nearly always a resounding yes. There's precious few easy wins when it comes to SEO these days, but the few hours it takes to build your page – often from content you've already created – can really help boost your rankings and increase your traffic. So, where do you start?


It's all in a name

First of all, we're assuming that the keyword that you're optimising for is the name of your business. That's all should use for the name section of your page for – don't be tempted to stuff extra keywords in or you risk confusing your audience and being flagged up for spam.


Use your custom URL

Facebook very kindly lets you choose a username to replace the dynamic url of your site, which is a great opportunity to get your keyword in one of the most important SEO attributes. However, to stop users claiming brand names that aren't theirs (who wouldn't want, you can't activate this option until you have at least 100 fans.


Optimise your content

This might sound obvious, but the 'About' and 'Info' sections are essential places to place your keywords and links to your site. Again, don't be tempted to keyword spam – keep the copy concise, clear and relevant. Your 'Wall' postings should be the same, with regular links to new content on your site that you want to flag up.


Use the buttons!

There's loads of buttons, tools and plugins that you can use across your non-Facebook web page that can use to link up your content. The more likes etc a page has, the better you'll do in the rankings, so make sure you push it as much as possible.


Engage, engage, engage!

As a social network, it should be no surprise that Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on user engagement for its business pages. If you keeping making relevant posts, like lots of other pages, get lots of fans, upload photos and generally make your page an interesting and lively place to be, then the traffic and SEO benefits will follow.


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